2015 Event Schedule

If you are a new member or new to offroading please take time to look through our basic off road preperation guide. After the event, see Trip Reports for the photos.

If you wish to join a trip, then please contact the Leader associated with each trip.

Club Laning Trips

Date                      |              Location            |          Organiser/Leader

January 18th               Bath and Northeast Somerset                 Paul Meredith
February 15th             Shaftesbury                                             Shaun Drew
March 15th                  North Wessex Downs                             Kevin Ralfs
April 18th/19th             Ex Valley and Dartmoor (Weekender)    Stu Benyon
May 17th                     Hampshire                                               Shane Penfold
June 13th/14th            North Wales (Weekender)                       Tom Parkes
July 18th/19th             Mid Wales (Weekender)                           Paul Meredith
August 16th                South Wales inc Sarn Helen                     Shane Penfold
September 12th/13th Welsh Marches (Weekender)                   Stu Benyon
October 18th              Wye Valley (Needs a Lane Finder)           Tom Pakres
November 15th          Warwickshire (Needs a lane finder)          Kevin Ralfs
December 13th          Dorset                                                       Shaun Drew

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